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Reviews show that we provide the Best Carpet Cleaning in NKC

Todd and his team of Pros prove that they are the best in the business, day-in-day out. Their professionalism, great customer service and quality of work exceeds all expectations! Locally owned and operated right here in Kansas City’s Northland. The Carpet Cleaning Pros team can quickly respond to all our customers north of the river.

You Deserve Professional Carpet Cleaning

Todd and his team are licensed and insured, as well as certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. IICRC certified contractors have the expertise and training to help clean and protect your home or business.

Top Rated Carpet Cleaning is Just a Phone Call Away

NKC Pros utilizes the best of the new technology of cleaning equipment. Not only is our equipment highly effective but gentle on all surfaces and you’ll be surprised how quickly your carpets dry. Have your family walk on the carpets immediately (take off your street shoes, please)!

Best Carpet Cleaners North of the River

Are concerned about Allergens and air quality a concern? Are there allergy or asthma sufferers in your household?  Do you have children do you have active children in the home? Is bacteria a worry? Carpets act like a huge filter absorbing and collecting common allergens and germs. Just like an air filter, they become saturated over time and must be cleaned.

We are Professional, Top Rated Carpet Cleaners with the Best Reviews in the Northland

Carpet Cleaning Pros North Kansas City processes not only clean, but remove allergens from carpets and thus the air we breath. An additional service that a lot of our customers request, is the popular sanitizer service, which gives extra protection for your family.

Feel the clean and breathe in the clean!

  • Your Choice for the Best Carpet Steam Cleaning in North Kansas City with the Top Rated, Reviews!

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  • Best Carpet Cleaning Service in North Kansas City providing professional service that Reviews state are Top Rated.

  • When you are looking for the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies that reviews show are Professional and Top Rated CCP NKC has got to be your choice.

  • Looking at Reviews for Dry Carpet Cleaners? Look no further we are Top Rated, Professional and the Best!

  • Need the Best Deep, the most Professional Deep that is Top Rated in Reviews?

  • North Kansas City’s Best, most Professional Carpet Cleaner Shampooer with Reviews showing that we are the Top Rated

Furniture Repair Shop

Upholstery Cleaning in North Kansas City- Done Right!

Upholstery Cleaner 2

Household furniture is a huge investment for most of us. We often forget to fully maintain and protect this major investment. We all lead busy lives, which means our furniture will be subject to dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes on an ongoing basis. After each furniture cleaning, you’ll be amazed with the fresh, clean scent that permeates the air. Your family deserves to relax on top of clean, fresh smelling furniture.

The NKC Pros team can deodorize, sanitize and protect your furniture after cleaning. The protector provides an invisible barrier around the fibers of the fabric. This will help with cleaning and also extend the life of your furniture.

  • Best, most Professional Upholstery Cleaning/Cleaners and also Top Rated in North Kansas City

  • Top Rated in the area for Upholstery Steam Cleaning/Cleaners also the Best and most Professional

  • We are North Kansas City’s choice for Professional Sofa/Couch Cleaning/Cleaners not to mention we are the Best and Top Rated!

Rug Store

Area Rug Cleaning in North Kansas City

Todd’s Northand-based team are experts at restoring the beautiful and vibrant look. Our processes create impact, but are still gentle. CCP NKC has the special equipment and methods necessary needed  for whether the fabric be synthetic, wool, cotton or silk.

  • Call us if you want the Best Area Rug Cleaning!

  • We have the most Professional Area Rug Cleaning team in NKC.

  • The Top Rated Area Rug Cleaning Company in the Northland.

Oriental Rug Store

North Kansas City’s Source for Oriental Rug Cleaning

  • Best Oriental Rug Cleaning…call us!

  • Demand the most Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning team in NKC.

  • Top Rated Oriental Rug Cleaning company..

Tile Contractor

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout is great at collecting dirt and grime which damages the surface. Regular spot cleaning and mopping can not reach the particles of dirt that are hiding within the pores of your grout.

Our tile and grout service restores the grout and tile to new condition. Our team utilizes cutting edge equipment, a high-pressure water and vacuum combination that safely extracts the dirt and grime from deep within the pores of the grout.

Grout sealant is an awesome way to finish this process. The grout sealant penetrates the pores to provide a protective barrier against future spills and dirt. This will make cleaning your floors much easier in the future.

Wood Floor Refinishing Service

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

  • North Kansas City’s Best and most Professional Hardwood Cleaning/Cleaner!

  • The most Professional and Best Wood Cleaner/Cleaning in NKC!

Water Damage Restoration

Pet Odor Removal

Even though our pets are an important and irreplaceable part of family, they can present challenges to keeping a clean, healthy and fresh smelling home.

It is no fun cleaning up the have “secret” accidents that our pets leave as “gifts.” Sometimes you can’t even find where the odor is coming from. Team CCP has special UV lights to pinpoint where the accidents have occurred.

  • North Kansas City’s Top Rated Pet Odor Removal done by professionals.

  • Professional Pet Carpet Cleaners who are both the Best and Top Rated in NKC!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Our Northland business will treat your North Kansas City business right!

  • The best of the professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Companies.

  • Our professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning will give your business the best customer service.

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