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Carpet Cleaning Service – Overland Park’s Best

We not only say we are the best…we back it with a 100% money back guarantee!  If you’re not satisfied, we will quickly re-clean it. If you’re still not satisfied we refund your money.

With a track record of over 25 years of happy customers and IICRC certified, we are confident in our service. Give us a call!

  • Our reviews show that we are the top rated Professional Carpet Cleaning service.
  • Best Carpet Cleaners (also Steam Cleaning) as shown through reviews completed by top rated clients.
  • CCP Overland Park has been top rated above the Carpet Cleaning Companies by giving best customer service shown in our reviews.
  • We are among the best of dry and deep carpet cleaners through our professional systems as viewed from our top rated reviews.
  • Need a Professional Carpet Cleaner Shampooer who reviews show is the best and top rated?

Our equipment is state-of-art and gentle on all surfaces and you’ll be shocked at how quickly your carpets dry. Yes, you can walk on the carpets immediately (take off your street shoes, please).

Did you know that your carpet acts as a giant filter absorbing and collecting common allergens and germs. Just like an air filter, they become full over time and must be adequately cleaned to remain most effective at trapping particles as they settle from the air.

Our process makes the air we breath healthier by removing allergens.

Furniture Repair Shop

Upholstery Cleaning Done Right in Overland Park, Kansas!

Our furniture is one of the largest financial investment that many of us make. Forgetting to maintain and protect this investment is a mistake.  After each furniture cleaning, you’ll be amazed with the fresh, clean scent that permeates the air. You deserve to relax on top of clean, fresh smelling furniture.

Our team can deodorize, sanitize and protect your furniture after cleaning. The protector provides an invisible barrier around the fibers of the fabric. This will help with cleaning and also extend the life of your furniture.

  • Cleaning Upholstery by professional with top rated customer service.
  • Best Upholstery Steam Cleaners by top rated cleaning professionals.
  • Get your sofa or couch serviced by a top rated, professional cleaner for the best results.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Our business will treat your  business right!

  • Best of  KC’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning Companies!
  • We provide professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning services for your business.

Tile Contractor

Tile and Grout Cleaning – Get your tile and grout cleaned by the best!

Stone or ceramic tile are certainly a beautiful but are difficult to maintain.  We can make your floors look like new and make the future tile and grout cleaning process much easier!

As a porous material, grout is great at collecting dirt and grime which discolors the surface. Even diligent spot cleaning and regular mopping can’t reach the hidden dirt that resides within the pores of your grout.

Our tile and grout service restores the grout and tile to new condition. Our team utilizes high-tech equipment to reach the dirt and grime from deep within the pores of the grout.

Rug Store

Area Rug Cleaner – Searching for a Overland Park resource?

  • We provide the Best Area Rug Cleaner!
  • Team CCP are a professional and top rated Area Rug Cleaner.

Overland Park Quick Facts

William B. Strang Jr., a railroad entrepreneur, planned out subdivisions along along a military road in Kansas, naming one of them Overland Park. This was in 1905 and the visionary Strang saw a “park-like” community that embodied strong commerce, quality education, vibrant neighborhoods, convenient transportation and accommodating recreational facilities.

Today, the thriving Overland Park comprises of more than 185,000 residents and a geographical area of over 73 square miles, making it the second-largest city in Kansas. Many would argue that Overland Park is the main hub of the metro Kansas City (calm down Missourians!) as many of the area’s most important businesses and business leaders work or reside in OP.

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